Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: R7 Les Paul Gets New Pickups

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

R7 Les Paul Gets New Pickups

Well, I finally got sick of the squealing pickups and decided I've had enough. :) I bought a Seymour Duncan JB (for the bridge) and Jazz (for the neck) and installed them in the R7 Goldtop. I really like the sound of these pickups! The overall brightness of the guitar still comes through (this Les Paul is bright!), but the new pups also help tame some of this brightness, as well. The JB has plenty of balls to play metal, shred and classic rock, and the Jazz is bright and "tubular" sounding with enough bass to produce the sound I like in a neck pickup... yet it never gets muddy.

Installation was simple, as usual. I carefully labeled the original pickups for storage so I can always bring the guitar back to stock if I need to. I may send these off for re-winds at some point so I can keep the guitar totally stock and eliminate the squealing at the same time. I have some ideas on who I might send them to for this task... I'll post back if I decide to have this done at some point in the future.

The look isn't quite the same with uncovered Duncans, and I suppose I could have gone with covered ones... but in the end I figured I could live with the uncovered look. Besides, the R7 has kind of become my "shred" metal Les Paul so the look is justified. ;)

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