Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: April 2006

Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Guitar!! Just Got a Tele!

About 2 months ago I ordered a new American Deluxe Tele with an Aged Cherry Burst finish at the local Guitar Center, and it finally came in! I went and picked it up this afternoon, and I must say that this is going to easily be one of my best guitars. Sometimes it can be hit or miss with mass produced guitars, but this particular tele has some of the best fret and nut work I have ever seen on a production model guitar (especially from Fender).

The sound of the noiseless pickups is phenomenal! You get the tele spank and treble without the crunchy hum and mud of the regular singles. Teles are monsters when played with excessive gain, so I can crank this thing up on my Malmsteen patch I have set on my Pod XT and easily get a great shred tone with it; and conversely, I can step on my fav blues patch and get that cool, "ice pick" Albert Collins tone... all from one guitar! ;)

It plays super smoothly, has the most level fretboard ever so I am able to get a nice low action without any "fret outs". The Deluxes come with some cool features, too. Contoured "rib cage" back, contoured neck heel, noiseless pickups, S1 Switching system, and body binding. It sounds as pretty as it looks! Da Vinci Code