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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Old Amp!! Mesa Boogie Mark III Combo

I dug out my old Mesa Boogie Mark III from the closet today, just to fire it up and see if I could get some use from it. The tubes really need to be replaced, but other than that this amp is in fine condition.

I got my Boogie way back in 1992 as a graduation present from my parents. Mine is a "Green Stripe" Simul Class 85watt combo with reverb and was ordered to spec from Strings and Things, Memphis which, at the time, was the local Mesa Boogie dealership. I got one of the very last Mark III's Mesa Boogie made because at the time of my order (in 1991) they were discontinuing the Mark III in favor of the Mark IV. My amp took over 6 months to be made and shipped, but it was worth the wait. I finally had a really loud, great sounding all-tube amplifier! I played this amp a lot with my buddy Jonathan (the guy who used to have his drums in my home studio), but after I quit playing guitar in college this amp got tucked away in various closets over the years. I am now going to get it back into playing shape again.

The clean channel on this amp is truly magnificent. It is very punchy, warm and round with a certain "sparkle" reminiscent of a Fender. The crunch channel has a nice Marshall-like sound and the lead channel is really unreal. Tons and tons of gain thanks to the cascading pre-amp design. When I was a kid I didn't even use a distortion pedal with this amp because I had all the gain I needed right in the amp. Now, however, I might prefer running pedals since my tastes have changed quite a bit since 1992. This amp sounds great, but has quite a bit of fizz in lead mode and tends to sound a bit too much like Carlos Santana. :) Oh, and this thing is friggin' LOUD!

Overall, I love this little amp and I have a lot of history with it. I only wish I had gotten it out sooner. I plan to have a cabinet built for it to convert it into a head so I can play it with a 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet. Should be pretty cool, so be looking for that blog entry soon.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    never tried this amp before... But i Know it has great sound

  2. Thanks for visiting, Zack!

    I got to use my Boogie for the first time in 11 or 12 years yesterday for a garage jam with some younger friends of mine and I must say it sounded amazing.

    I got lots of compliments on my tone, for sure. ;)


  3. Anonymous6:19 PM

    That's a cool little combo Ryan. And 85 watts is perfect, because it can still put out some volume if you need to. Those older Mesa combos are some of my favs.

  4. Hey, mesa amp auctions! Thanks for visiting.

    Yeah, these little amps are really under-valued if you ask me. They have great tone and, like you said, they have more than enough volume for any type of venue. I am really enjoying it (all over again). :)