Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: September 2006

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Purchased Cubase and DrumaGog

Now that we had a new computer, mics and the FirePod to capture Jonathan's drums, we needed something to record them into and, finally, tweak the sounds of the kit. Since we are not lucky enough to have a great room to record in, nor the budget for thousands of dollars worth of microphones... we turned to the VST plugin, DrumaGog. :) I bought Cubase SE3 to record, edit and mix with, and soon I'll be purchasing the VST mastering plugin by Izotope called Ozone 3. Cubase is shown in the top right.

The results we are able to get with this basic off-the-shelf software and hardware is stunning. Using the DrumaGog triggering plugin, we can easily replace Jonathan's snare, bass drum and toms with real drum hits (recorded with high-end equipment in a great studio) while keeping the room mic tracks intact for cymbals and overall room tone/reverb. Check out this test clip of Jonathan playing a simple beat. We are still learning how to improve the sound with post EQ and more advanced use of DrumaGog, but for a first try this is impressive. DrumaGog is shown above.

Since I record mainly with Line 6 stuff (either my Pod XT or TonePort), mic'ing up and dealing with all that is not a problem for me. Still, it's not an easy thing to just get a great guitar tone with the computer, either. We have lots to learn about mixing and mastering. More clips and music to come as we get it written and recorded! ;)