Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: March 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Follow Up - Ernie Ball Titanium Reinforced Strings

If you read my last post on these, you'll remember that I wanted to see if these strings can stand up to my rather evil acidic, string-melting sweat. So, do they work?

In a word, yes. They do indeed corrode but at a much slower rate that regular Ernie Ball's or my other favorite brand, D'Addario. The only problem is... I am not sure if they are really worth the price. At nearly double the regular string pack cost the extra playing time isn't quite double (for me anyway) and the tone of coated strings is notoriously dull right out of the package (and these are no exception). The reinforced titanium ball end is really just a waste of titanium since I rarely ever break a string these days regardless of the set, gauge or type (electric or acoustic). The word "titanium" in this case seems to be more for marketing purposes than practical. Can't blame EB. If it works, use it.

Final verdict: great set of strings but I'll be sticking to the good old fashioned, quick-corroding Slinkys. I just love the bright tone a new set of uncoated strings has, even if it they do only last a short while. Call me old school. :)