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Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Amp!! Bogner Shiva 1x12 Combo

Predictably, I returned the JSX because it wasn't doing it for me. I decided to add a bit more money to the pot and take home a Bogner Shiva 1x12 combo. Pretty cool!

This is a used model that GC had sitting around from a trade in. I really love the aggressive rhythm tone this amp is capable of. It has tons of balls and sounds really big. Overall though, it does have a bit of the stuffiness that 1x12 closed-backed combos tend to suffer from. It also has a bit of fizz on the single notes in high gain mode... not good considering I already have a great sounding amp (my Boogie Mark III) that is a bit fizzy in the lead channel but sounds great on clean. Not sure if it is worth keeping the Shiva if I already have a great sounding tube amp with an awesome clean channel that takes pedals really well.

Overall, the Shiva is a nice amp!

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