Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: January 2007

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pickguard Change to Malmsteen Strat

I decided to change out the boring mint green pick guard that came on the Malmsteen Strat with a slightly off-white one. Now the pickups (which have mint green covers) contrast nicely with the pickguard, much like Yngwie's does. ;)

It was a very simple and straightforward job, just removing and transplanting the electronics... no soldering required. The only thing I had to do was counter-sink the screwholes since this pickguard had flush screw holes.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Guitar Order - Ibanez 20th Anniversary RG

I just ordered a 20th Anniversary RG from Rich Harris at IbanezRules.com. I am very exited about this guitar because they were first issued in 1987, back when I was just a kid. I always wanted a guitar like this but I couldn't afford it.. so as soon as I heard about this re-issue I just had to have it. ;) Photo above is from the '07 NAMM show, courtesy of Rich Harris.

The re-issue will have the original Wizard neck profile, but this time with titanium reinforcement rods for added stability against warping (a common problem with thin necks like these back in the 80's). The neck joint and bridge are all original issue. I ordered mine in Desert Yellow, which is the coolest color ever for a guitar. It's also available in Road Flare Red and Black. Photo to left is from www.ibanez.com.

I plan to add DiMarzio PAF Pros to the neck and bridge and a DiMarzio SDS-1 single for the middle (all hot pink, of course). ;) These pickups are period correct and were readily available at the time the guitar was originally issued. I already have procured my neon green knobs and pink switch tip. I have a neon green DiMarzio cliplok strap and the pickups on order as I type this. I should have everything together by the time the guitar arrives. It's going to be super retro 80's for sure. Rad, dude!!