Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: September 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bought & Sold New Gear - eBay and The Gear Page

Well, I kind of went nuts! :) I decided to sell a bunch of stuff that I hadn't been playing much in order to invest in some good equipment that I'll enjoy more and some stuff that I can sell later when the market is back up (whenever that happens!).

I decided to sell the Gretsch Power Jet, the Ibanez JPM P100, the Ibanez 20th RG, the Ibanez 7 string and my Peavey Wolfgang. These were tough to let go, but I really was not playing these guitars as often I as should have to justify keeping them in the collection. I got some pretty decent money for them on eBay, so it wasn't a total loss. I also sold the PAF Pro (hot pink) pickups in the 20th RG separately (plus several more sets of pickups), some other miscellaneous stuff like a drum machine, some acoustic strings and a bunch of assorted audio and instrument cables.

With the proceeds from all these sales I have acquired:

Two Rock 2x12 open-back cabinet fully loaded with TR 65-16 speakers. I scored this cab on the Gear Page for $400 which included speakers and shipping. This was an incredible deal and since it is slightly more worn than my other recently acquired TR 2x12 cab I shall use this one for gigs. It is a little larger than my first one (by one cubic inch) and I can really hear it in the low end. Great sounding cabinet!!

Two Rock 1x12 open-back cabinet, without speaker. I picked this little cab up to use at our rehearsal space with the band. I bought a used Eminence Red White & Blues speaker for it and I couldn't be happier! It is a perfect rehearsal solution and I also get to leave it at our space, so that is one less thing for me to carry. The overall sound is darker than my 2x12 Two Rock cabs, which I think is due mostly to the RW&Bs speaker. Sounds great, though!

Fuchs Mini open-back 1x12 cab (w/Scumback H75-LHDC speaker). Now this was a incredible find for the price... I paid $350 for the cabinet with Scumback speaker and shipping. What a deal! This cabinet and speaker combo simply sound amazing. Due to the low load handling of the speaker (it is only a 60 watt) I must be careful what I hook it up to and how loud I play on it because it would very easily blow if pushed too hard. I plan to use the Mini mostly for recording and light gigs. This thing is tiny, and as such it will make a wonderful cabinet for low-volume gigs.

Fuchs ODS 30 amp! This amp is absolutely awesome sounding. I still prefer my Kingsley, but I must say that the Fuchs ODS line is just stunning and if I weren't such a fan of my Kingsley ToneBaron I'd be a Fuchs player, no doubt about it. This is the Dumble tone at its best! Gorgeous note bloom on the OD channel and shimmery, sparkling cleans on the clean channel. Fantastic amp!

Carol Ann OD 100 amp. I finally got one of the legendary Carol Ann amps that I have been curious about for so long. Unfortunately, this particular specimen doesn't have the gain voicing I like (high gain)... so it comes up a bit short on the OD side for me. However, that can easily be fixed if I send her in to Alan at Carol Ann amps for a simple mod. I just might have to do that. I can report that the cleans are gorgeous and it takes a pedal really well.

Furman Power Factor Pro Power Conditioner. I just stumbled across this thing while looking for deals on the Gear Page. At first I was a bit skeptical as I began to read more about it, since Furman claims a noticeable tone improvement just by plugging your amp into it. The hype is real. I A/B tested it on my Kingsley with my wife in the room and even she heard the difference in tone between wall socket power alone and Furman conditioned power. This thing uses capacitors to ensure that your amp is getting a constant flow of the correct voltage of electricity, no matter how bad the current may be in a given room. It really does work! If your amp is starved for power it won't sound its best, and if you are drawing too much power damage can occur. Surge protection and protection from insufficient power... the perfect solution. If you have an expensive amp and gig it a lot, I would highly recommend one of these.

Gibson Explorer Pro w/case. This was a nice grab for $900 total (with shipping). A practically unplayed Explorer Pro with case and a nice DiMarzio cliplock strap thrown in! It plays and sounds great. I love the cherry mahogany finish and the neck and board feel great.

Assorted WCR handmade pickups. Last, but not least I grabbed a bunch of WCR pickups for a good price for my Les Pauls and other guitars. These are very popular boutique handwound pickups from California. Great stuff!

Well, that is it for the used gear sale/buying spree! It was fun and I got a bunch of nice stuff in return for selling mostly "so-so" decent stuff... I think I made out pretty good!