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Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Cab!! Bogner Over-Sized 2x12 Cabinet

I decided to return the Bogner Shiva 1x12 today because it really didn't have the sound I was looking for. Great rhythm amp, but not suitable (to my ears) for lead... too fizzy. Since I already have a Mark III that sounds fizzy on the lead channel I felt there was no need in having two fizzy tube amps when my Mark III is available, in working condition and already paid for. :)

While I was there, however, my sales guy (Devin) suggested I demo a great Bogner cabinet they had safely stored in the back. It turned out to be an awesome closed back Bogner Over-Sized 2x12 cab with black tolex and tan grille cloth, loaded with a pair of 16 ohm Vin 30s wired in parallel for a load of 8 ohms. Super classy looking cabinet and the sound is unreal. It literally sounds like a 4x12! So I had the idea of buying this to use with my Boogie to help give it some bottom end that an open backed 1x12 can never have and also to help clean up some of the unmusical chainsaw fizz inherent in pretty much all Mesa Boogie amps. The fizz didn't totally go away, but this cabinet improved the sound of the Mark III by an exponential amount. The low end is there in spades and the overall sound is much more focused and less harsh.

I love this cabinet and I'll always keep it for whatever amps I may get in the future. It was a great find and a bargain for only $750 tax and all! Thanks, Devin!

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