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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Amp!! Peavey JSX 2x12 Combo

Based on my last entry on the Princeton Recording-Amp, it's no surprise that I decided to return it. While I was at Guitar Center I saw a Peavey JSX 2x12 combo that I remembered playing when I demo'ed my R9 Les Paul. So I worked out a deal with my sales guy, Devin, to return the Princeton and put that money toward the JSX. You can see some pics of Devin (last photo) and the local Guitar Center here in Memphis, below:

After getting this amp home I have found that the distortion is pretty fizzy. I am not a fan of the super fizzy, Mesa Dual Rec. sound and this amp really has that "buzzing bees" sound to it with each note played. Now that I have spent a few hours with the amp at home, I am pretty sure I'll be returning it as soon as possible. It gets very loud and sounds great at volume, except for the fizz. The clean channel is pretty nice, but not quite as ballsy as I would have hoped. Tons of headroom, though.

Overall, not too impressed with this amp.

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