Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: ES-335 Gets Locking Tuners

Sunday, December 09, 2007

ES-335 Gets Locking Tuners

My friend Christian Arena (with whom I often play guitar) bought a brand new Gibson ES-335 over the summer. It is has a lovely Vintage Burst finish and plays really well, but Christian was having trouble keeping it in tune. I recommended the Planet Waves self-clipping, locking tuners for better tuning stability and the convenience of the self-clipping action.

I happened to have some Planet Waves Locking Tuners in my workbench storage that belong to my friend, Nik. He was never planning to use them so I sold them to Christian, and proceeded to install them. They retro-fit perfectly so no drilling was necessary. Once I got these babies on I went ahead and thoroughly cleaned the guitar, set it up, smooth sanded the saddle slots and re-intonated the bridge. Now the guitar plays and sounds better than ever. ;)

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  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Thinking along same lines myself with my Dot Reissue. Can you advise what size tuners fit the ES335?