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Monday, January 28, 2008

New Locking Tuners for R7 Les Paul

After getting my first Les Paul and doing several string changes I remembered how much I dislike 3-on-a-side pegheads. They're terrible for restringing because you have to go "backwards" on the treble side, which always requires me to pick the guitar up off the bench to string that side because I can't switch hands for winding (yes, I am mentally challenged). Plus, keeping a Les Paul in tune with the stock tuners can be a challenge, depending on the guitar. This one definitely could use the locking tuners. ;)

After doing some research I found some fantastic Kluson tulip-style locking tuners to replace the stock ones on a Les Paul. The TK-735-001 Gotoh Locking Vintage Kluson tuners. These are a perfect replica of the Les Paul Klusons and they retrofit without any need for drilling new holes. Most people would never even realize you changed them unless they did a really close inspection. ;) They work great, too, which is the most important thing.

I can highly recommend these... and I'll surely be ordering another set for my R9 Les Paul, asap. I got mine at Allparts.com but they are also available at Elderly Instruments and on Amazon: GOTOH VINTAGE STYLE LOCKING TUNER 3+3 NICKEL

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