Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: Jam Session II with Mike McGowan and Nick Clark

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jam Session II with Mike McGowan and Nick Clark

Well, we had so much fun the other day that we decided to get together one last time in the garage before Mike had to head off to college. This time I took my wife and my Tele with me... and my neighbor, Dan, and his son, Bryan, showed up as well. It was shaping up to be a lot of fun. The bassist, Nick, was way late so Mike and I set up and started playing a little bit to warm up. We ended up jamming out some pretty cool stuff while waiting for Nick.

Finally Nick shows up and we start a funky little jam that would not last long. ;) Mike's mother showed up and shut us down! How funny is that? I haven't gotten busted since I was a kid. ;) The whole thing was actually pretty funny. We packed up and got the hell outta there before the cops were called. I felt like a teenager again! ;)

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