Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: New Eminence Legend GB12 Speakers for Bogner Cabinet

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Eminence Legend GB12 Speakers for Bogner Cabinet

I had an Eminence Legend GB12 8 ohm speaker just laying around from when I had my Blues Jr. amp. I ended up selling that amp, so I had this speaker stored in the closet doing nothing. ;) I figured I could buy another one and experiment with these in my Bogner 2x12 cabinet. It came loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's, which are notoriously harsh and "fizzy". The Legend GB's are voiced similarly to the classic Celestion Greenbacks, which are warmer and less harsh than Vin 30's. So I figured I'd give them a try in my Bogner to see if I liked them.

I soldered them in wired parallel. The old speakers were 16 ohms each wired in parallel for a total load of 8 ohms. The new Emi's are 8 ohms each, so wired in parallel the cabinet load now totals 4 ohms. My Boogie has one 8 ohm speaker out jack and two 4 ohm speaker out jacks. The Boogie does prefer an 8 ohm load when possible, but it can and does run comfortably on a single 4 ohm load.

The first thing that struck me about the sound of the Eminence Legend GB12's was the total elimination of the fizz I had been hearing in my Mark III since I bought it (this includes using the amp's own preamp distortion, as well as the Jekyll & Hyde pedal!) . It turns out that this fizziness was, in fact, caused mostly by trebly and harsh speakers, not so much by the amp itself. I only wish I had known this 16 years ago. ;) The Legends have a nice round, warm tone to them with a good fat low end that, surprisingly, does not bottom out with high gain riffing. I actually found that I needed to add treble via the Mark III's graphic EQ, whereas before I always needed to cut those frequencies. I also hear a very different and distinct midrange tone... very "wood" like.

I am really pleased with these speakers. As far as I am concerned these speakers took a good amp and turned it into a great amp! I can't wait to hear my Kingsley through them. ;)

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