Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: G3 Show in Nashville - Gilbert, Petrucci and Satriani!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

G3 Show in Nashville - Gilbert, Petrucci and Satriani!

So yesterday me, Nik and my wife hop into a rental car and take off for Nashville entirely too late because Nik was dumb enough to take only a half day off from work. That meant that he would inevitably be delayed (and he was).

So we get to Nashville with plenty of time before the show, but not enough time to go hit the guitar stores like we wanted. Plus, Nik was in charge of bringing the digital camera, which he did, but he forgot the memory card. Thanks Nik. ;) Luckily, I ran into a guy I know from the Jemsite forum named Wade (who happens to also be from Memphis). What are the odds?! His digital camera batteries were almost dead, so we pooled our resources and took his memory card and placed it in our camera so we could keep taking pictures. Worked out great!

The show started around 7:20pm, which was earlier than originally scheduled. We were there in our seats already, so it didn't affect us. Paul Gilbert opened the show with "Get Out of My Yard" and then went into "Hurry Up". He played a few more songs from "Get Out of My Yard" and then he and Bruce Bouillet started ripping some old Racer X stuff. It was awesome! Bruce Bouillet was simply incredible and played the crap out a Les Paul (of all things to use for Racer X material!) ;) Gilbert was true to form and ripped some amazing licks. His performance overall was less than I expected from an entertainment aspect, but I really do think he might not have been feeling well that night. Still, it was awesome to see him as I had never had the pleasure of watching him perform live before.

Next up was John Petrucci. All I have to say is "WOW"! Holy shit this guy is gifted. His playing was pick melting fast, but all very toneful and melodic where and when it counted. I was so impressed by his performance, and even my wife who isn't a player leaned over to tell me how beautiful John's playing was several times during his set. He started with "Jaws of Life" then went into "Glasgow Kiss". His set ended with "Damage Control". For several songs he was playing his new Music Man "Ball Family Reserve" JP guitars... some 6s and a 7 string.

Then finally Satriani came out and put on a incredible show. He played "War", "Satch Boogie", "Flying In a Blue Dream", "Super Colossal", "Circles", "Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing", "Surfing With The Alien" and "Always With Me, Always With You". I was really close to the stage when he came out and it was just so awesome to get to see this guy up close. I mean, he is one of my biggest influences... I must have listened to "Surfing with the Alien" at least ten thousand times. :) He was flawless, as usual, and seemed to be having a good night despite a mishap with his stage monitor during the early part of the first number. It was quickly replaced and the show went on without a hitch after that.

The end jam was incredible. They played "Foxy Lady", "Purple Haze", "Goin' Down", and "Jumpin' Jack Flash"... at one point with Satch on a Les Paul!!!! Gilbert did his drill thing and John played with a rubber chicken as a joke at one point. :) It was an awesome show, for sure. Afterwards we got to meet Paul Gilbert and get some photos... and also out-of-the-blue I happen to spot Mark Tremonti hanging around outside! So I snapped a photo of Nik and Mark. He was a really nice guy and I enjoyed meeting him and chatting about Alter Bridge and guitar playing.

So, despite our late start and the camera snfau, the night was a success overall. I'd do it again!

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