Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: New pickups for Deluxe Strat

Thursday, March 01, 2007

New pickups for Deluxe Strat

I was playing my Deluxe Strat recently and finally decided to replace my OEM middle and neck Noiseless pickups with some DiMarzio stacked singles. I got the Virtual Vintage Blues pickups, and they are quite nice. Very good tone and output balance in combo with the DiMarzio Fast Track 2 bridge pickup I put in there when I got the guitar years ago.

I wish I had done this sooner because now I can switch pickups on higher gain patches and keep a consistent tone and volume while playing. The original SCS Noiseless pickups are nice, but they were very bright and had pretty low output. And, to boot, they couldn't be adjusted too closely to the strings without exerting the dreaded magnetic pull that causes loss of sustain and "warbling" notes. The DiMarzios, on the other hand, have low magnetic pull and lots of output. They are a little less bright and sound very full and "mean". Just what I like. ;)

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