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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Guitar!! 20th Anniversary RG

It finally came in! I ordered it from Rich Harris of Ibanez Rules who is awesome to deal with, by the way, and knows pretty much everything about Ibanez guitars. This thing has the brightest paint job I have ever seen! ;) It's so bright and unique that it is actually very difficult to photograph well.

Fit and finish is excellent. I have noticed that the fret ends are a little prickly, but due to the flat radius (and, at least, the way I play) I don't feel them when fretting. Other than a couple of design improvements by Ibanez, this guitar is almost exactly like the ones they made back in 1987... they have the same neck profile, pickup config, maple board, crazy color ;) and original Edge tremolo of the original '87 models! In fact, they are making exactly 1,987 of these guitars (mine is #946 - see photo bottom right).

The Edge trem is so smooth and works beautifully. I find it more comfortable than the newer Edge Pro and wish they had never stopped making it. Pickups are crap (as usual) in these guitars and will soon be replaced with the pink PAF Pros I ordered and a pink SDS-1 single... as well as neon green knobs and a pink selector switch. Other than that, the guitar will remain as is. ;)

More to come as I play it and do the PU mods. So far it feels great and seems destined to be one of my favorites!

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