Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: Gibson VOS R9 Les Paul Gets RS GuitarWorks Vintage Kit Installed

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Gibson VOS R9 Les Paul Gets RS GuitarWorks Vintage Kit Installed

This is the first post of 2010, so Happy New Year! This past weekend I put an RS GuitarWorks vintage complete kit in my '07 R9 VOS Les Paul. I had previously installed a pair of double-creme WCR pickups (Goodwood bridge, Crossroads neck) in this particular guitar, but I had not yet upgraded the electronics. It was a success! This has always been one of my favorite guitars, and not just due to awesome playability and gorgeous esthetics, but also due to its great tone. This kit coupled with the WCR pickups make this guitar sound even better then ever.

The kit install went smoothly, especially now that I've done several of these Les Paul kit installs lately. I immediately noticed a clearer, more articulate tone when plugging in for the first time after the install. The vintage kit seems to have helped roll off upper frequency harshness while retaining all the good, bright top-end that is necessary for great Les Paul tone.

The WCR Goodwood pickup is known for its perfect rolled off midrange, giving you plenty of spank without harshness plus great low-end response... perfect balance. This kit really helps this pickup shine in all its glory. Same goes for the WCR Crossroads pickup in the neck position. It has beautiful, thick and liquidy lead tones with just the perfect amount of top end "hair" on the notes; and both pickups clean up nicely thanks to the treble-bleed mod I am fond of using.

It is hard to believe that this guitar's tone could be improved upon, but the RS GuitarWorks kit did just that.


  1. really a great looking guitar
    and by the way a wonderful blog

  2. Love all the great guitars you have on this site. Very good post on the upgrade to your gibson too.

  3. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Did you use the long shaft vintage kit? Thanks

  4. Hi there,
    I used the short shaft, since that is what the VOS Gibsons require.