Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: P-Rails Removed from Gibson R7 Les Paul

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

P-Rails Removed from Gibson R7 Les Paul

After much testing and tweaking I have decided to remove and return the Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups and Triple Shot pickup rings. I just could not get used to the dark humbucker tones they produce in series (normal humbucking mode). The P-90 mode sounded fantastic (mainly because they are real P-90s!)... but the dark humbucking tone was the deal breaker.

Since I used the Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups that were previously in this guitar on my new Alpine White Gibson Les Paul Studio, I decided to throw in a couple of WCR handmade boutique pickups I had lying around. The neck is a chrome covered "mystery" pickup because I do not know what model it is. :) Jim of WCR has a bad practice of not labeling his stuff, so I have no idea what it is (though, I suspect it is a Crossroads). The bridge, though, is definitely a Crossroads model with double black bobbins and no cover.

After popping these in and doing some basic height adjustment to fine tune the sound I am very pleased with the result! These things sound phenomenal with the RS GuitarWorks vintage complete kit and my favorite treble-bleed mod. I didn't think this Les Paul could sound better than it did with the Duncan JB and Jazz pickups, but I can really hear the wood now. The tone I get with this guitar plugged into my Kingsley D32 plus Kingsley Jester pedal is truly unreal!

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