Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: New Pickups and Wiring Kit for R7 Les Paul Goldtop

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Pickups and Wiring Kit for R7 Les Paul Goldtop

I decided to try these new Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups I've been hearing so much about lately. I bought a bridge and neck pair in black, and I also bought a creme set of Seymour Duncan Triple Shot rings in order to take full advantage of all that these pickups offer.

The P-Rails claim to be three pickups in one with a total of four possible modes. It's a P-90, a single coil and humbucker all in one... and also capable of out-of-phase humbucker tones.

I figured that while I was in there I might as well replace the cheap stock wiring, too. I ordered an RS GuitarWorks vintage wiring kit with Jenson oil-in-paper capacitors, replacement jack, replacement switch and potentiometers.

I am really looking forward to installing all this stuff once it comes in. Full report and review once everything is installed and working properly.

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