Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: Nik Sells Everything For a New RG

Friday, December 23, 2005

Nik Sells Everything For a New RG

My friend Nik went nuts and decided to trade all his cheaper guitars in at Guitar Center Memphis for a brand new RGA121. The three guitars he traded in were: his newly acquired (but used) Schecter XXX, the brown Schecter Omen 006 and the Ibanez S that I previously fixed up for him.

The RGA is quite nice, actually. It is Japanese made with a fixed Gibraltar Plus bridge and mahogany body. The tone is awesome and the neck is a super slim, fast playing Wizard Prestige. The only thing wrong with it is the nut, which was not cut properly from the factory. They rarely are, but this one is beyond terrible... the nut slots barely even exist! I think the nut wasn't finished and managed to escape QC somehow. No problem, though. Since there is plenty of nut material, slotting it will be a simple task. After that, it should play like a dream. ;)

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