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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ibanez S Complete!

I finally finished the Ibanez S cleanup project for my friend, Nik. He can now safely sell it at Guitar Center for a profit. As I said in my first entry on this guitar, Nik bought it on eBay for a little less than $200. When it arrived we were both shocked at how horrible the condition of this guitar was! :) It was really bad. It's not much better now because it still needs a complete refret and a good professional buffing on the clearcoat... but our goal was to get it into a clean, sellable condition and that's what I did. (You can see the original condition in the top right photo.)

I replaced the two humbuckers with some cheap Ibanez V7s and V8s left over from one of Nik's other guitars, and they work and sound great. I totally dismantled the whole guitar and soaked all the metal parts that were corroded and/or rusted in Naptha and wirebrushed them clean. I steelwooled the neck and frets and then applied two separate applications of lemon oil (it was really dry).

I put everything back together and strung it up to pitch. Works better than it probably ever has. Whoever owned it before really abused it. It's just nice to have this nasty thing cleaned up and done so I can move on to more worthy instruments! :)

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