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Friday, November 18, 2005

New Project: Reconditioning an Ibanez S

Well, my friend Nik came over tonight and brought a guitar to me that he bought on eBay... and it's in pretty bad shape. ;) I think he paid a little over $100 for it and he hopes to trade it in at Guitar Center for at least as much as he paid or maybe a little more. That's what he gets for bidding on a guitar without asking my opinion first. :)

However, before he can sell it for maximum profit, I am going to need to clean this thing up and get it working again. Everything is rusted and corroded, and the tremolo was completely blocked and missing all it's springs. I'll be posting (with pics) all the work I do to this sad guitar in the coming weeks.

Basically, it's going to need a complete overhaul of the tremolo... meaning it will need to be taken apart, cleaned in Naptha, oiled and reassembled. The frets need to be polished, the neck conditioned and the whole body needs a good polish with a rubbing compound and swirl remover to remove some of the scratches and yuck from the previous owner(s). It's pretty nasty right now. It also has a loose neck pickup due to a missing screw (you can see this clearly in the close-up pic below).

On a related note, Nik also came to pick up his nice Ibanez RG1570 (left photos) that he bought new sometime last year. It's a really nice guitar, and all I did was change the strings and condition the fretboard. Then I set it up (small truss rod adjustment), tuned it up and everything else was fine. Nik has a Dimebucker in the bridge, an Yngwie YJM in the middle and a PAF Pro in the neck. It screams like a banshee. ;)

That's it for now. I have a lot of work to do on that Ibanez S, and it's going to require a trip to Home Depot for some supplies. As I mentioned before I'll be posting pics of the progress on this thing.

Until later....

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