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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Video Instructional Site for Guitarists - Robbie Calvo Guitar

I am very excited to announce a new video instructional site for guitarists called Robbie Calvo Guitar (robbiecalvoguitar.com). If you're like me and you've seen just about every DVD and online lesson that's ever been made, then you'll know that the quality of these sites and courses are usually very poor and not well organized. RobbieCalvoGuitar.com is going to change all that. As I wrote in my first post on Robbie, he is a fantastic guitarist and superb teacher. Robbie has a way of making the most complex music theory information easily digestible and intelligible. Couple that with some of the richest, highest quality HD video ever produced for guitar lessons and you've got yourself something special.

At the moment the site has a Coming Soon video (shown above), blog and bio sections. I'll be contributing a lot to the blog on an on-going basis and Will Kelly of Vintage Guitar Magazine will be crafting some quality guitar articles and posts, as well. Apart from a huge section of video guitar lessons, the site will also feature regular video posts of Robbie interviewing tons of celebrity guitarists and other music industry gurus. This should end up being a really cool, one-stop place to get your guitar fix!

The final site is slated for release some time later this year, so go to the site and sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the final site goes live. It will be subscription-based and the fee will be announced some time before launch. Be sure to tell all your guitar playing friends!

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