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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fuchs Audio Technology - 2010 Nashville Amp Expo

The 2010 Nashville Amp Expo was an incredible experience this year. So many wonderful products and awesome builders. Unfortunately, two days doesn't give one nearly enough time to experience everything, so I had to carefully choose which rooms I dove into. Also, this year I felt it would be better if I were to elaborate a little more on each of the vendors and individuals I spent quality time with. The above sub-menu links to full blog posts based on my experiences with each of these fine builders and players.

I was so pleased to finally get to meet Andy Fuchs of Fuchs Audio Technology. I am a proud owner of a Fuchs ODS 30 head that I acquired nearly two years ago from a fellow Gear Page enthusiast, and I have been wanting to meet Andy ever since to tell him how much I love the amp and my tone... so I was thrilled that I finally got my chance!

Fuchs Audio Technology designs and builds some of the most wonderful guitar amplifiers and pedal effects on the market, in addition to making modifications to Fender amps, Music Man amps and older model Traynors (check out the Service & Mod Page on the Fuchs Audio website for more info on existing amp mods). Andy has over twenty-five years of experience as a musician and tech, so you know that when he creates a piece of gear it is really going to be something special.

As a side note... if you have never played one of Andy's amps, I highly recommend that you do. Experiencing an Overdrive Supreme, for example, could very well end your tone chase... for life! I absolutely love my ODS 30. The liquid sustain of the overdrive and the beautiful harmonics and overtones that jump out and envelope each note, coupled with an incredible decay "bloom", is something that has to be experienced. And the cleans are equally as good! The amp is capable of nice bright, punchy (and LOUD) cleans or lovely "round", soft and warm jazz tones... they are all there. This is one versatile amp. There is simply too much to write about the ODS 30 to sum it all up in a paragraph, so look for a long overdue review of this amp very soon.

My wife, Claudia, and
I really enjoyed hanging out with Andy and his gracious ...and beautiful... wife Annette. The stories about Andy being such a down-to-earth and nice guy are all absolutely true. I had a lot of questions regarding his amps and pedals and he was kind enough to answer and explain everything that I wanted to know.

On the floor, right in front of a wall of Fuchs amps, were two pedal boards full of the Fuchs Plush FX pedal line. Andy promptly plugged me in and took me on tour of each pedal. What a treat! I had always heard good things about Andy's pedals, but I was truly blown away by the tone, quality and sheer number of effects he has in the line. Some of my favs were the Royal Plush compressor, Extreme Cream OD, Noxious distortion, Verbrator and Replay Tube Delay. I have been needing a good compressor for some time now, but never found one quiet enough for my taste. After hearing how dead silent the Royal Plush compressor pedal is (and how great it works), I was sold and bought one on the spot. The pedal is shipping to me as I write this, so stay tuned for a full review of the Royal Plush after I've put it through its paces with my rig.

Hanging out with Andy and his wife was truly one of the highlights of the Expo for me. I thank them both for their hospitality and, especially, for all the great products they make that inspire us all.

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