Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: Nashville, TN Guitar Show 2010!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nashville, TN Guitar Show 2010!

Got back yesterday from the 3 Amigo's Nashville Guitar Show in Franklin, TN, which is just outside of the state capitol, Nashville. The event was held in a really cool mall that was once an old factory, but is now on the National Register of Historic Places (carefully remodeled to keep as much of the old architecture and features as possible). There was lots to do there besides just looking at guitars, so it was a great place to have the show!

If you've never been to a guitar show there are no words to describe the feeling of standing in the midst of hundreds and hundreds of guitars. :) It is quite a spectacle to behold. At this show everything from new-and-cheap to vintage-and-expensive was on display and up for sale. One particular specimen, a '57 Goldtop, was going for $80,000... and it was absolutely gorgeous (see photo left). I also saw several awesome Strats and Teles that were "real deal" vintage pieces going for tens of thousands of dollars. Mostly, though, the show was made up of regular, new production stuff that you might normally find in a music store and quasi-vintage pieces that can be hard to find but don't yet cost a fortune.

It was a great show and I had a great time. All I got was a t-shirt, but don't think it wasn't tempting to come home a guitar or two. :)