Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: 2009 Nashville Amp Expo

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2009 Nashville Amp Expo

My wife and don't take road trips nearly often enough, so when we get the chance we always try to fit one into our schedule. On a whim I thought it would be fun (for me, at least) to drive up to Nashville and check out the Nashville Amp Expo. As it turns out my wife, who is not a player, ended up enjoying the experience as much and I did!

More and more trade shows are being held in hotels instead of big, expensive convention centers. Organizers rent out most (or all) of a particular hotel for a certain numbers of days and vendors then setup shop in the individual rooms of each floor (as well as give seminars in the meeting rooms, etc.). I can think of no better way to host an amp show than this, because guitar amps can get very loud (and because most guitar amps only sound good very loud). So having individual rooms in which to demo each amplifier brand is genius!

There were literally too many awesome things we got to experience to list them all, but a few of the highlights were Delgado Guitars, Lindy Fralin pickups, Ark Amps, and an incredible "100 watt Marshall Amp" workshop/demonstration where no fewer than a dozen or more 100 watt Marshalls and Marshall clones were demonstrated.

There were also drawings for door prizes and I ended up winning an awesome MW1-Studio Tool courtesy of Creation Labs (the Amp Expo's host). It's an $800 piece of gear!!!

My wife and I can't wait to go to the next one.

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