Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: R2 Volume Mod for Boogie Mark III

Thursday, April 24, 2008

R2 Volume Mod for Boogie Mark III

For some some 16 years now I have grappled with the same problem all Mark III owners have faced... trying to balance the volume of all three channels. It was literally impossible to do this since the Clean Channel settings affect both the Rhythm Channel and the Lead Channel. If you got the Rhythm Channel sounding good, chances are the Clean Channel would be too hot, and on and on...

Enter the "R2 Volume Mod". While I had the amp apart to put it into the new headshell, I went ahead and did this mod. By snipping out a small resistor and replacing the reverb pot with a volume pot and soldering this new pot to two places on the main board, I suddenly have a dedicated volume knob for the Rhythm Channel! I can now balance the volume between all three channels. I had forgotten just how great the R2 Channel of the amp sounds, since I was just using the Clean Channel with a distortion pedal or the Lead Channel of the amp itself.

The R2 has a lovely Marshall-like sound to it that is round, and fat. It's crunchy, but a tad bit more reserved since it seems to have a bit of the higher frequencies rolled off. I find it to be perfect for many Classic Rock rhythm tones and perfect for Blues. I am very happy I decided to give this a try!

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