Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: New Locking Tuners for R9 Les Paul

Friday, February 08, 2008

New Locking Tuners for R9 Les Paul

Based on the success of the TK-735-001 Gotoh Locking Tuners for Les Pauls that I put on my R7 Goldtop, I decided to purchase another set for my R9. The installation was just as smooth as it was for the R7, and tuning stability is much better, even though this guitar was pretty stable to begin with.

Apart from the tuning stability, I also love the ease of string changes. Much faster and easier to slide a string in, lock and tune up than to have to deal with multiple wraps. I can't stress enough how good the quality on these things is and how much they look like original equipment.

These can be rather difficult to track down, but can usually be purchased at Elderly Instruments or Allparts.com and Amazon:


  1. Hey Ryan,

    Enjoy reading your blog. =) It's funny, my hobbies were a reverse of yours...I started off with cycling first and then guitars. =)

    I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm trying to decide on which electric guitar to buy. I don't have one right now but I did have an Epi Les Paul Custom. So, I was thinking about getting a Les Paul Classic similar to the Goldtop version that you have. But, then I saw your post on the Gretsch Power Jet and I was like...wow. I've narrowed it down to those two. I wish I can get both but I don't have the budget for both at the moment. Out of those two, which do you prefer?


  2. Hey jos!

    Thanks for reading the blog. :) At least someone has read this thing!

    As far as the two guitars that you mentioned go, I'd recommend the Goldtop Classic over the Power Jet due to the fact that the Goldtop is a little more user friendly and is closer to the typical Les Paul sound and feel.

    The Grestch, on the other hand, comes apart if you take off all the strings because the bridge floats and it doesn't quite sound like anything else. It is more of a specialty guitar that is great for a collector that already has the basics, but not so great for an only guitar.

    Hope this helps! Thanks again for stopping by. ;)


  3. Thanks Ryan! Yeah, I think I'll go for the Classic. Dang, I wish Gibson didn't discontinue the Goldtop version of it. I placed an order for the wine red. Yeah, the Gretsch was pretty cool to play but as you mentioned (and everyone else who has one), changing the strings is nasty. Oh well...maybe my next one down the road. =) Thanks! Let you know in a month when I get it!

  4. Awesome! You're going to love the Classic, for sure. It is a great guitar for money.

    I am looking forward to your impressions of it.


  5. Hey Ryan,

    I finally got the LP Classic. Boy, did it ever take long. Since Gibson discontinued goldtop version, I ordered the wine red. After a month and a half of waiting, Gibson discontinued the wine red one too. So, I asked what they had left and to my surprise (and frustration...), they had a goldtop LP Classic in the main warehouse. Argh...why didn't they tell me that before?

    Anyways, had it for a week now and boy, this guitar screams! I like the weight. The chambering in the body helps. My old Epi LP Custom weighed a ton.

    Well, time to build my pedalboard. Now the fun begins! =)

    thanks man!