Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: Rick Hancock Leaves for PRS

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rick Hancock Leaves for PRS

Since getting the Power Jet back from Rick I have noticed a high 13th fret. I originally had Rick fix the 12th fret end that had popped up (it was like that when I received the guitar new). Since gluing down the 12th fret end, the 13th is now causing a slight fret out when bending the high E string at the 12th fret. This would be no problem, except for the fact that Rick is no longer working in Memphis. He landed a fantastic job at Paul Reed Smith guitars where he will be a Master Luthier building the PRS Private Reserve instruments... the top of the line PRS's! I sure hate to see him go, but I am very happy for him. He certainly deserves it. ;)

I guess I am going to have to go ahead with those luthery classes I have been threatening to take for the last few years now. Heck, maybe I could even get enough business to make some money now that Rick has left a void here in town. We'll see...

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