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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Taking a Break

I have decided to take a break from playing guitar for a while and try something a little different. I have quit smoking (as of April 23rd) and have not had one since. My wife and I are giving bike riding a try to see if we can lose some weight and get healthy. ;)

I bought us a couple of cool Bianchi's and a car rack for the RX-8. Finally I found hobby that is actually more expensive than guitars! :) I am not quitting the guitar, just playing less and taking a much needed rest from tinkering, obsessing over details and worrying about my picking technique. Jeez, I have had enough of that for a while. ;)

Cycling is so much fun, and it's something Claudia and I can do together . My new heroes also dress in tight lycra... what a crazy thing. :)

See you out on the road.

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