Quantcast Ryan's Guitars: No More Drums :(

Saturday, February 24, 2007

No More Drums :(

Jonathan came over today to pick up his drums. Unfortunately, we were unable to really jam on a regular basis due to our conflicting schedules, so he decided to come and get them so he could actually practice for a change. ;) Totally understandable, but I regret that our free time wasn't reconcilable. I really had a lot of fun playing with a real drummer for a change instead of a computer-based one.

Now I have tons of space in my room again. It's amazing how much space even a small kit takes up, and you don't realize just how much space they eat until they're gone. I added some posters to the wall and a new 7 slot guitar rack to help accommodate my guitar addiction, which I may need to seek professional help for soon ;).

I also have a new desk on order that has rack space built in and more top surface area. This desk should help tremendously since the tiny one I have now is super overcrowded with speakers, monitors and music devices. I have the desk on order, so it should be here soon... but I don't look forward to putting it together. :( Put-together-furniture is a major pain in the ass. But it will be worth it once I get everything done and integrated.

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